1. My child is moving out of the province for school; can he/she take my car?

    Off To School They go! But, are they taking your car?¬†Here is what you need to know if you have a child taking your car out of the province while he or she attends a post-secondary school in Canada or the continental USA (excludes Hawaii). Scenario 1) Your child will be coming back home during holidays and the summer time If this is your situation, you do not have to take any action. Your insuran…Read More

  2. Taking Inventory of Your Stuff for Insurance Purposes

    How much time on any given day do you spend worrying about your stuff? We are talking about the stuff you have in your home that has accumulated over the years. Much of this stuff is insignificant, just stuff you picked up here and there and don't really think about it. But then there is other stuff that you have, stuff that is really important to you and might have significant value. This is stuf…Read More

  3. Your Insurance Brokers in Navan Offer Survival Kit Tips

    ¬† If you are worried about floods, fires, earthquakes or even man-made disasters, you have probably talked about an emergency plan with your family. And if you don't think you will ever be affected by a disaster, take a look at what is happening around the world right now. Wildfire smoke is choking Seattle and blocking out the sun, a hurricane is expected to hit Hawaii, which is already reeling f…Read More

  4. Home Insurance and Fall Home Maintenance Tips

    Fall is just around the corner. We don't wish to be the bearer of this news, but it is true. The days are growing shorter and there is just a slight crispness in the air, all signs of fall. Without a doubt, there are people who are looking forward to the new season, they are preparing as we speak by chopping firewood and stocking up on tea and other hot drinks. But before you wrap yourself up in g…Read More

  5. Home Insurance Cumberland and Water Leaks

    Those old pipes and the leaky appliances in your home are not purposely out to get you, it just seems that way sometimes. Weather plays a role as well when it comes to ways water can damage your home. If you think all you have to worry about it a burst pipe or heavy rains, you need to think again. Water damage can come from any number of sources. Reid & Bradley's, your home insurance agency in…Read More

  6. Your Car Insurance Agency in Cumberland Offers These Tips to Ensure a Safe Road Trip

    We are right in the middle of the busiest season for holiday travel. This means that wherever you drive, you are sure to encounter plenty of traffic out there. In addition, traveling across Canada means you will be hitting all sorts of weather conditions. This means while some areas will be hot and dry, others will be windy and rainy. And the type of weather you encounter can change from day to da…Read More

  7. Insurance Brokers in Navan and Creating a Backyard Oasis

    Warm weather is upon us and we are certain that you are spending a lot more of your time outdoors, probably in your backyard. In fact, you might be sitting out on your back patio as you read this. The back patio might also be where you are now grilling your meals, eating your meals and basically just enjoying the summer sun. But if your backyard is dull and drab and lacks fun, you probably don't s…Read More

  8. Car Insurance in Cumberland and Taking a Road Trip

    Stop reading this for a moment and get up and take a look outside. That's right, peek out the window. You will notice that it is quite lovely out there. We are experiencing a beautiful summer and you are sitting there reading an article about car insurance. Which is fine as you want a great deal on your auto insurance and now is a good time to make comparisons. But what are your plans for later to…Read More

  9. Your Insurance Broker in Orleans Offers Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

    In many homes, the kitchen is the heart of the home and the center of daily activities and a place where memories are made. The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in your home, which is why many homeowners put off giving it a much-needed remodel. The harsh truth is that appliances age and become less reliable, countertops wear out and your light fixtures become seriously outdated. We get it, r…Read More